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Over the past 5 years, there has been a noticeable decline in the inclination of ENT surgeons to approach surgical disease of the oral cavity and laryngopharynx with laser surgery. The rubric of transoral laser microsurgery or TOLMS popularized by Dr. Wolfgang Steiner from Germany has taken on the torpor of a technique category that is too hard for the benefit it provides. If that were not bad enough, the return on the extensive amount of surgery and time required to do these operations has been weighted against the return on time invested to very poor advantage. THAT SAID, why would I suggest that there is a Renaissance in this arena? For the expressed reason that there is now new laser technology that so improves this modality as to make trans-oral techniques on par with if not better than open surgery. This is based on one advancement alone: scanning laser technology. 

Renaissance in Laser Surgery of the Laryngopharynx

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